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Our priority is your health. All the hygiene measures have been taken. Rizom Holiday Village is waiting for you for a peaceful and healthy holiday.

Comfort is not a privilege but a priority in every detail in Rizom Holiday Village. All the details you may need were designed for you. Rizom Holiday Village offers a peaceful holiday service to its esteemed guests with its close location to Istanbul, natural beauties around and differently decorated houses on the eastern shore of the Marmara Sea.

Rizom Helal Tatil Köyü

Rooms & Suites

All the rooms are comfortable and luxurious. There are Quran and prayer rugs in the rooms. We offer you a comfortable and peaceful holiday with large holiday houses in different concepts.


Peace in Nature

A peaceful holiday with your family in a green and a blue atmosphere with perfect service.

Turkish Bath & Spa Wellness

Leave the time outside the door in separate spa centers special for ladies and gentlemen guests where you will feel yourself special and go on a journey away from the stress of daily life.


We are always ready for you with our professional team in specially designed areas for your perfect organizations such as special invitation dinners, meetings, seminars and cocktails according to the number of guests.

Wedding Organizations

Crown your happiness in the unique view of Rizom Holiday Village. Make your most special moment in life immortal with the organization prepared by a professional team.


Special for Women